Plant Tinctures


The medicinal benefits of plants have been known for centuries. Many plants contain powerful ingredients that, if absorbed correctly, can heal the body. Commercial plant preparations are available in several different forms, including tablets, capsules and plant tinctures. A compressed tablet or capsule may take a couple of hours to break down in the stomach prolonging healing time. In addition to the dissolving rate of tablets and capsules, should you be suffering from a digestive disorder your body may not adequately absorb all its ingredients through the lining of the intestines.

A plant tincture is administered sublingual (drops are placed onto or under the tongue), which is an especially effective way for older adults and people with absorption problems to use plants.

A weigh to volume ratio of 1:5 is used in all of our extraction, guaranteeing not only a consistent tincture from batch to batch, but a stronger more effective plant extract.


PhytoSun plant tinctures include: